Sunday, October 10, 2010

Master FAIL

Yet another cooking reality  show has kicked off in the US with  pure television viewing glory... and gory.

Kick Off Cook Off is the combination of Uncle Sam's favourite past times, football and cooking, where two teams compete for a cash prize. Each contestant is a football foodie fanatic  and the 'twist' is that they're actually competing against their favourite football players, who are apparently in it to prove they're just as talented in the kitchen as they are on the field. 

In the premiere episode, judge Brian Malarkey invites one of the contestants to sample their dish at the same time. She squirms, gags then runs off to barf her own food into a bin! FAIL.

I love how Malarkey tries to console her with "It's not that bad...".

Thankfully my only kitchen misadventures extend as far as too much bi-card soda. Although I did once trip in a food court, my two-piece feed all over the 3 year-old kid who, I swear, came out of nowhere and made me stumble.  

Do you have any cooking or food disasters you'd like to share (or claim it happened to a friend of a friend)?


  1. LMAO!!!!
    You know cooking shows have come to a low point when their contestants are serving up vomit-worthy food!!!

    I did the bicarb thing too. Thought it said 1 tablespoon but no it was 1 teaspoon. Ohh shiite!

  2. O M G how embarassment! cool blog :)

  3. Argh- bi-carb seems to be a common problem! I've done it too! Meh- what am I talking about? I have had about 1 MILLION baking fails!