Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Eat, Pay, Blog

With only one post chalked up on my dashboard, I’m struggling to find my place in this almighty World Wide Web.  With a plethora of food-based blogs already out there, why would anyone want to read The F Word? You see, I know my predicament...
Contrary to popular misconception, Dimmi is not the Department of Immigration. Dimmi is an online restaurant booking service. For the first time in Australia, customers can perform a search on, browse through a collation of reviews from the country's best food guides and book instantaneously in real-time- with the same convenience that we book hotels, flights and movies.
Perform a search, check out reviews from partners like deGroots or yourRestaurants, then book your seat!

It’s exciting stuff, isn’t it? Restaurants, on the other hand, gain an electronic reservation diary to manage their floor and also have access to extensive marketing and promotional services to elevate their business. The service is free for customers (hooray!) and costs the restaurant a small fee per booking.

RestaurantDiary Express - the electronic reservations diary provided to restaurants

So let’s get it out of the way. Let me say out loud or rather, type out clear, what you’re thinking. Is there not a commercial conflict of interest here that will influence the content of this site? How can I trust this sketchy Maz at Dimmi? The rise of the blogger has also seen the rise of the sceptic and the issue of commercialisation is an ongoing one that has polarised the online community.  
Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that my ‘predicament’ is actually my greatest tool. Dimmi celebrated its first birthday last month and we are proud to already have  more than 1,500 participating restaurants and to have seated 500,000 diners across Australia. I simply want to share the rest of the journey with you- our successes, our failures, the people we meet, the places we visit,  the good meals, the bad...  booked online or not.
It’s not just about restaurant reviews.  It’s not all about cooking experiments either. There’s more to The F Word than insider interviews, industry goss and giveaways. It’s all of the above. It’s whatever you guys would like it to be.  So let me lay it on the dining table, what would you like to read more of?


  1. That was really well said. I totally get what your saying. To be honest I think ppl are jst gettin way to sensitive about the 'commercialisation' thing. When you get a care package it doesn't oblige you to write. Readers aren't forced to read either. If it's good writing they'll read and you have GREAT writing. I reckon it would be cool to read profiles on different ppl you meet.

  2. Hahahahaha
    Contrary to popular misconception, Dimmi is not the Department of Immigration.
    Thats sooo funny!!!!
    i like it just the way you pitched- a little bit of everything!

  3. Hah in Canberra it would be imigration :D